By definition, marriage is a formal union and legally binding contract between two individuals that spiritually, economically, and emotionally unites their lives forever. Unfortunately, as a convicted felon, we also know that many opportunities and privileges are taken away from you forever as well.

Here we explore the plight of the convicted felon enjoying the God given right to marry whom they choose free from repercussion.

Can an immigrant marry a felon

Yes, according to United States law, a convicted felon has the legal right to marry an immigrant. Felons must have all possible documents to support the marriage though.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) conducts thorough background and security checks on both the U.S. citizen sponsor (in this case the person with the felony) and the spouse seeking a green card. Under United States immigration law, only certain crimes for offenses against a minor will disqualify the would be sponsor (felon) from marriage for a green card.

Can a police officer marry a felon

A felony record by one’s spouse will likely be revealed during the pre-employment screening and may affect the strength of your candidacy relative to all other applicants for the position, as police employment can be highly competitive.

So, to answer the question: It depends. With most localized departments nowadays engaged in very sophisticated, in-depth background checks of a potential candidate, the likelihood is there may be rules or a code of conduct in place in order to prohibit something like this from occurring.

This really is a bit of a grey area, as there is no law per se that preclude a person whose spouse is a felon from attaining post certification or employment as a peace officer, however putting into practice may yield a different result as one must think of the logistical challenges that take place when knowing and associating with criminals poses risk, along with having a firearm in the home.

Also, it is common practice for someone with a criminal background to establish relationships with those who are involved in law enforcement, with the belief that the criminal would gain favor and acquire access to confidential police information that aides in their criminal enterprise. With such a possibility existing, you may see the rationale behind having preventative measures set forth.

Can someone in the military marry a felon

Yes, military members are allowed to marry felons, as there are no laws governing military marriage and can marry whomever they want, including same-sex partners for that matter. The felon is also authorized to receive a military spousal I.D. card and receive the benefits of a normal spouse.

There is no restriction under federal law, but if the felony requires sex offender registration, some states restrict whether one could live on base, and is also dependent on clearance level. Military members who want more information on this rule can consult their base legal services office.

Can a gun owner marry a felon

Yes. Generally speaking, felons are still allowed to associate with, be around, and marry someone who owns a gun; however, this can get a bit complicated if the gun itself is present, or if the person who owns the gun lives with the convicted felon because they are asking for trouble.

In all counties, a convicted felon cannot own, be in the same place with, or use a firearm, even if the firearm is legal or legally owned by another individual in the household. There are no exceptions to this, and one should check with their state laws and local municipality for further clarification, as they all differ in terms of rules and regulations.

Can a lawyer marry a felon

Yes, they could. Although the bar application can be very complex and background checks are extremely thorough, they generally ask the applicant about him or herself, and not about their personal lifestyle choices.

Notwithstanding, from the perspective of a conflict of interest, you may also want to seek clarification by reading the Application for Admission, because this relationship has a potential to become an issue and challenged by the Character Committee and Board, thus impacting counsel’s ability to practice law.


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Can a doctor marry a felon

Yes, a doctor can marry a felon as this should not affect his medical license on a professional level because this is a personal matter.

Felony convictions are not all the same, so as with medical licensure, considerations are made on a case-by-case basis by medical schools’ admissions committees and practices, but once again, marrying a felon should have no bearing on one’s medical career.

Can a politician marry a felon

Yes, they can. There is no law stating that a politician or political candidate cannot marry whom they choose. Furthermore, there is a general code of conduct one adheres to when running for public office that adheres to uphold integrity and independence, and nowhere does it state that marrying someone with a felony is not allowed or tolerated.

Ironically enough, this may even help their political aspirations or election chances as it would be used as a statement piece and platform on justice reform.

Can a teacher marry a felon

The simple answer is yes, but it gets a bit more complicated when going further. The fact that your spouse was convicted of a felony should have no bearing on your teaching ability, however, others may not see it the same way.

Anything associated with the development and well-being of children (or the public at large) certainly carries much more attention for scrutiny and judgement of personal choices. That said, if a union is involved, you should review your collective bargaining agreement.

If not a member of a union, your employment is probably at-will, in which case it may not be correct to terminate your employment, but it may motivate someone of authority to suggest such. Your district may have an individual issue with it, but that is up to them.

The level of concern will depend strongly on the circumstances of the crime, and the big thing here would be if anyone related to your job found out, such as students, their parents, faculty/staff, they could be pretty upset, and although wrong, it is very possible to have dire consequences on your employment.

If you were to experience any negative employment action, you should contact an employment law specialist in your area for counsel.

In Conclusion

You are allowed to marry anyone you want to marry in life. The big caveat though is the set of consequences that attach when marrying someone convicted of a felony.

You are essentially judged prior to anyone meeting your spouse, with the stigma and complications impacting your life both professionally and personally.

Although you lose no rights per se, from a practical matter, you will definitely have some prejudice towards you, your spouse and possibly any children by society in general if it is learned that the spouse is a convicted felon.

Still though, it is up to you in overcoming the challenges associated by two committed people in love (felon or not), and not allow that to interfere with the life you share with another.

The Educated Felon