Just to piggyback off the previous post The One Thing Needed To Handle All Your Problems, I figured I would throw in a few more helpful tips to sprinkle on top of what was already discussed. Mind you, I still think the major hindrance in getting good quality sleep is to be ever so conscious of the stress you carry at all times (which is inevitable) but having the ability to leave it at the bedroom door in your quest to be at peace when you’re in an unconscious state. With that in mind, here are 6 more things to be aware of in order to give you a little help.


I know we live in a time and age where the world is at our fingertips. Having the power of unlimited options and convenience all due in part to our electronic devices are part of our daily life that we take full advantage of. So being able to part ways from them can prove to be rather challenging. And while some of us seem to have some form of separation anxiety, I think the more prevalent issue is your mind is still being overly stimulated.

Yup, the way your brain sees it, sending emails, watching adult films, ordering shower curtains, et cetera, right before you go night night all contribute to stressing you out. Not only that, but your eyes need a break as well. The light exposure from your device has a tendency to screw with your nervous system, tricking it into thinking it is still daytime, so you don’t want to go to sleep.

For all practical purposes, shut it down. All of it. The tv, phones, laptops. Get rid of the lights and noises so you can start to wind down and put yourself in the mood to sleep. Speaking of mood, you may also put yourself in a position to get lucky by removing all said distractions, being able to focus on whom is next to you in bed.


In a recent survey, bedroom temperature was considered to be more of a sticking point, hurting sleep quality more than any outside noise or light. What does that say? Well, it says that we don’t want to be uncomfortable and all sweaty in bed.

It also says that that’s the reason why I don’t stay at my parents overnight anymore. Their thermostat is set at 82. Eighty.. f****** two. The last time mine was set at that was when I lost power after a hurricane.

I remember a visit during the holidays where I’d wake up every few hours in pools of sweat. Although I slept like garbage, the nightmares I had were so vivid and real, it felt like I was on a hallucinogenic.

My Parents Home

I was dehydrated, cranky, and exhausted when I woke up in that bedroom sauna but was so happy I was losing a lot of weight by sleeping there.

Listen, everyone has a different interpretation of what’s a comfortable temperature, just understand that you should not suffer through extreme circumstances that will disrupt your sleep. If so, you must remove yourself from the situation swiftly. That and pay your electric bill. Moving on…


What’s this you say? You’re happy with your debaucherous lifestyle and can hang with the best of them. That you insist that your drinking, smoking, snorting, and screwing doesn’t interfere with your sleep quality… settle down Caligula. I call this triple threat the FDA, short for food, drugs, and alcohol. All of them contributing to poor sleep quality (among other things) when taken in high doses, or all together.

Back in the day, I would really, really enjoy myself and partake of all life had to offer. I guess everybody has their vices, but from what I heard, I would take things a little more to the extreme. I tend to disagree though. Anyways, it didn’t matter what was on the menu…. food, booze, drugs, women. I just couldn’t resist from gorging.

Now I’m not gonna go into my disturbing little rituals in too much detail, just know it would culminate with a late night food binge.

My future wife to be, drove me around in horror as we would make our way around town hitting multiple fast-food drive throughs for everything I could get my hands on. It was like a fast food bank robbery of everyplace I could score. When I got home, feeling good from all the drugs and alcohol circulating in my system, paired with a ravenous appetite, it was on.

What can I say, it was a gross orgy as I made sweet love to all that food. I would prepare a trough of everything I brought in from my haul. My wife looked on disgusted and in horror, yet I secretly believe she was turned on.

Yeah, I got issues, but getting back to the point, do I really have to tell you that I didn’t sleep too well post orgy? That my body was punished, working overtime digesting all the shit I put in it throughout the night. Or that I tossed, turned, pissed, and moaned all night, vowing that I wouldn’t do that anymore. Come morning, I would be disgusted at myself for being such a sick maniac.

Feeling like garbage as I stumbled around trying to gather my bearings, I would focus on the painful reminders of a depraved night before, with receipts to prove it. Jesus, we didn’t really go back to McDonalds twice within an hour, did we?

Guess what? I continued to still do it. Continued to beat my body up, and continued to feel more bad about my life. Oh, and continued to sleep like garbage for some reason.

Anyhow, moderation would’ve definitely helped, but has never really been my strong suit. Advice to my former fat bloated self would be to take it easy and enjoy life but get a handle on it. You see, if you don’t have a death wish, and don’t hate yourself, you should really find some healthier, more long-term viable solutions to help reduce stress levels and promote better sleep.

  6. EAT A LITTLE CLEANER (just a little).
  11. OR NOT.
F*** itWho needs sleep, huh?


No, not therapy. Well maybe a little, but I’m talking about supplements. Contrary to popular opinion, vitamins and supplements are not drugs. However, there is a fine line between using and abusing them. Melatonin, valerian root, gaba, l-theanine, the list goes on and on, with all having shown to benefit sleep more naturally.

This is your body and mind we’re talking about. With that in mind (no pun intended), you should always be interested (and not scared) in what you can and will do in order to help increase your well being and performance. Why ignore something that could make your life easier and better? Do some research and look into what may be able to help you. I always say educate yourself on your situation…. because nobody will do it for you.


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There is no better remedy for sleep than good old-fashioned exercise. Better than any pill you could take, its ability to boost well being so it affects all other aspects of your life are proven and profound. Mind you, I’m not talking for vanity purposes here.

Obviously, you’ll look better physically, but the impact exercise has on your mental state is life changing. For someone who carries stress and is prone to bouts of extreme worrying like myself, this is an outlet to release all that shit.

Yes, problems still exist, however you are no longer consumed and dominated by the toxic nature of them. And yes, from a physical standpoint, you’ll start to appear more attractive to the opposite sex, but also be able to move about a little better.

Pains and aches may be alleviated through using your body more purposely, allowing you better sleep quality. So stop being lazy, smoking so much weed, and go get some exercise. You’ll be stronger, more confident, and it’ll reflect in your life’s decision making. That, and you’ll sleep like a baby.


Now I know this may seem to contradict my previous writing on the minimal impact of getting a new bed would have on your sleep, however, there’s a distinction to be noted. The notion being that you could have the greatest bed in the world, yet it won’t do crap for you if your mind and body are in disarray. The focus should be primarily on upgrading that. With that said, yes, once that seems to be in order, upgrading to a new bed could definitely benefit your life through improved sleep quality.

Infinite options are available such as memory foam, allowing greater pressure relief for a messed up back, to extra coil support in the event you are a side sleeper and don’t want to roll off. There’s even cooling mattresses if you sweat like a pig throughout the night. Again, so, so many options available that you shouldn’t get overwhelmed, just know there’s something out there to meet everyone’s needs and budget.

In getting a new bed, take heed though, as it could change your life in other ways, sleeping aside. Allow me to explain. In my illustrious career as a mattress salesman, I have dealt with many a customer, and in that time, you ask many questions to gauge buying interest in order to see how serious the purchaser is.

In those dealings, you get some beautiful, raw answers that are real gems. In a way, you’re qualifying that person, all without trying to be offensive or creepy. Hey, you’re in an intimate environment surrounded by beds, where it’s only natural for people to be uncomfortable and guarded. The fact that you have to lay down on one (bed) with some weirdo standing a foot away only adds to it.

Me, I’d always focus on ways to disarm people and put them at ease. I always took control, avoiding any awkwardness from occurring by the typical sleazy bed sales guy. Mind you, there was an art in doing this, which unfortunately I saw many others fail to perform correctly, consequentially ending the encounter in a absolute disaster.

Nice job slick, not only did you not make the sale, but you also have a lawsuit on your hands. High five!

Meanwhile there I am, talking, having these really interesting conversations with people while I sold them. My God, when I tell you the things they shared. I mean, they would just open up to me, obviously because they were comfortable, but what I found to be especially insightful was the women who divulged their inner thoughts on beds, and the men who owned them.

I got to understand how these ladies tell a lot about who their dating based on the bed, and it was an immediate turnoff if a guy had a bad one.

One story went how it was a huge turn on the first time she walked into the bedroom and laid down on his mattress. The feel of it (the bed) made the sexual encounter unbelievable. Time and again, I heard women tell me they’d prefer a man with an awesome bed, taking that over him having a nice car any day of the week.

I really never gave it much thought as to the bed we were getting it on on. Hey, I was just happy it was actually happening. And I think most guys are too. But could it be that we underestimate the value this has on women, and our chances we have at success? I mean, here we are as men spending insane amounts of time, money, and seduction techniques trying to get women IN BED, that we lose sight of THE BED.

Such a small and subtle upgrade, compared to the car, clothes, and stupid watch we’re sporting in order to vastly improve our life. Is it really that far fetched? I wished I had realized the fun I could have had in my bachelor days with a bad ass bed.

So, my advice to the younger (and older) generation would be to invest in this option. It will help you in a few departments. Aside from that, I know I’ve spent tons of money on stupider stuff with little to no ROI (return on investment).

A Good Bed Can Be a Great Investment

Wrapping it up, I’ve always had a hard time winding down, falling asleep, and staying asleep, as I’ve suffered from a restless mind. Sure, my lifestyle didn’t help matters much. I guess that’s why I’d always rely on a substance in order to quiet my thoughts and calm it down.

It was my negligence in not seeing how I sabotaged my rest, and not recognizing that a few simple tweaks could not only improve my sleep but living life itself. Give these 6 little things a try and see how it can greatly improve your life when you’re both awake AND asleep. Educate yourself on your situation, because nobody will do it for you. Stay well and out of trouble.

The Educated Felon