Back in the 80’s, there was an infamous boxing match between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard that ended with Duran giving up more than halfway through the bout, murmuring in the ref’s direction the words “no mas“, meaning no more. I guess he’d had enough and was done with getting the shit kicked out of him that night. And maybe forever.

By saying those words he drew the ire of a nation (Panama), still in utter disbelief that he did the unfathomable and quit on them, thus letting many, many people down.

All this lead to public outcry with anger and hatred directed at the fighter. A fighter that they had previously adored. Some say he never recovered from what he did that evening. But despite all that, he was still alive. Alive to move on and continue with his life doing bigger and better things.

He went on to win more world titles, and would still rank as one of the greatest fighters that ever lived. There were also movies, endorsements, and ultimately he was inducted into The International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Now I wonder if Apollo Creed had followed a similar path to the one of Duran’s that fateful night and said “f*** this” as he made his way to the ring, maybe he’d still be alive to enjoy his life the same way, rather than the ass kicking killing Drago gave him in Rocky IV.

Sports is a such a funny thing. Never has the philosophy to not quit been more ingrained in heads than in athletics. I mean, you’re considered a disgrace by throwing in the towel (never mind getting your ass kicked and being publicly humiliated), but adding insult to injury, some even consider it to be unpatriotic. Kind of like tanking for a better draft pick. Yup, it’s all really unfair.

Fortunately for those outside the sports world and the not so athletically inclined such as myself, the business world and regular life itself is a little more forgiving when adhering to the principle of waving a white flag. So you be in luck son.

Face it, life can be rather painful having to come to grips with the reality that something you invested so much time and energy into ain’t working out too well (maybe never will), yet you’re already in way too deep to turn back now. But I say it doesn’t matter.

What I’m about to preach to you my friends, is something that will serve you well in your journey and career, as well as decrease the amount of misery in your life exponentially if you learn to apply this valuable skill right away. What is it you ask?

Very simple. Quit.

Quit now. Quit for good. Quit complaining. Quit trying. Quit complaining after you’ve been trying… and quit now for good. Please I beg you, above all other things, just quit.

Okay, so this may contradict all of what you’ve been brainwashed into your whole life. Quitters never win, winners never quit, yada, yada, yada. Well, I say to hell with that philosophy, as I’ve known many quitters who’ve won. And won big they have. They’ve come back bigger, stronger, and better than ever (see Duran story from above).

It’s a great strength when you can take a step back and look at something to see if it’s working with an honest impartial eye. It’s an even greater strength when you notice it’s not and decide to go in a different direction and make that life changing decision in a split second.

No, it’s not a great feeling to savor when you feel defeated (temporarily), but it’s about something more. It’s about tomorrow. It’s about the future. It’s about you. No one else.

And you lose sight of that when you’re focused on today, hung up on not being a quitter, allowing your ego and pride to dictate the course of your life. No bueno. Once again, I implore you, quit.

And I know what you want to say – who the hell am I to be preaching smart life advice to you. After all, I’m just some loser felon, right?

A criminal you would even say. Surely you should be taking advice from distinguished gentlemen such as Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, or even Elon Musk. I mean, they’re smarter and more adept at doling out sage life advice than I am.


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Screw them. Stuff it Bezos. Wither away Buffet. Go drink another red bull Elon. I got this. Maybe I am stupid due to the sheer fact that I did not get in and out quick enough, but take it from someone who should’ve quit while they were ahead.

From someone who had thoughts of quitting but stayed in it too long. I admit I should’ve given up. I couldn’t though, my ego and pride wouldn’t allow it. And while it’s commendable that you have the stamina to endure so much shit, you’re not impressing anyone. You know it doesn’t feel right. But so many people lament on something, spending so much time hoping, even praying that it’ll work out. I did.

They believe it’ll magically get better and that all the bullshit they’ve encountered thus far was a fluke, in preparation for the good stuff to come. Hmm… perhaps. Maybe the bullshit was indeed in preparation of a better job or relationship, but not the old one. And for that to take place, you know what you gotta do.


I’m proud to say I throw in the towel. I’ve quit many things (that didn’t feel right) mid way through. Projects, jobs, relationships (I wish I could’ve quit probation). Anyways, I guess you could say my half-assed efforts paid dividends at times, saving myself considerable amounts of agony, setting myself up for an even brighter tomorrow. Call it the universe at work, the secret, or even divine intervention. Whatev.

Of itself and as weird as this may sound, quitting maybe a lost form of discipline. Just don’t label me a genius for this discovery though, as I realized it through lack of sheer effort (Didn’t take much on my part either. No really it didn’t). I’ve also quit many things that’s backfired on me, thinking the “grass is greener on the other side” shit.

With that, I ended up questioning my logic as it all got really confusing for me. This was due to not quitting the right thing at the right time. It pays to quit. Well, at times it does. AS LONG AS YOU QUIT THE RIGHT THING AT THE RIGHT TIME. And that intertwines with the other important thing.


Much like picking a stock, staying in too long or too little is highly critical to success. That’s why you must be honest with yourself when you assess the situation. Whether it be a shitty relationship, a shitty job, or a shitty anything. The key word being shitty.

Walter White is demeaned one too many times and feels it’s appropriate to quit his shitty part time job at the car wash for more prosperous endeavors.

Obviously you don’t want to quit something good if you’re satisfied with the results you’re getting. Progress makes the difference and is used as an internal compass in order to gauge if something is working or not.

Make no mistake, I’m not saying to not make attempts in life. You should (must) take a stab at things in order to see if anything’s there. But there’s also a distinction to be made. A major one between continually trying something to see if it’s worth achieving the end result versus beating a dead horse. Huge mistake.

There’s no nobility in pushing yourself harder if it doesn’t generate what it is you’re looking to get out of it. Why not save yourself that agony. The expended wasted energy that could be applied towards something else much more productive and in tune with your life. We all know time is precious and cannot be squandered, especially for someone who’s ever been incarcerated, or is living with that aftermath in the free world.

In wrapping this convo up, the repercussions of quitting have gotten a bad rap, especially in the USA where countless after school specials (remember those) have been the primary focus shaping young impressionable minds. But there should’ve been one explaining how to sever ties with someone or something detrimental to your success, all without getting so emotionally distraught to affect your confidence.

The fact that you learn when to recognize when it’s called for requires skill. And in order to know exactly when to be a skilled quitter, you must understand the timing to it all. It’s where the phrase, cut your losses come from. The upside is it allows you to be free in applying your valuable time and energy to more prosperous endeavors. Wouldn’t you agree Apollo. Oh, that’s right, he’s dead.

Educate yourself on your situation, because nobody will do it for you. Stay well and out of trouble.

The Educated Felon