There is no death penalty and life sentences here. Nor are there barbed wire or electric fences. Looking more like a commercial for Ikea, accented with minimalist furniture for your dorm cell, many even come fully equipped with flat screen tv and mini fridge.

Oh, there is no guard towers either, but they do roam the art decoed halls with a baton.

When inmates do not see eye to eye and there is a disagreement amongst them, staff will oversee a counseling session for resolution between the disputing parties.

There is even a survey/questionnaire regarding how you rate your prison stay.

It’s been called a prison utopia and would put America’s club fed to shame.

Where is the best prison in the World located?

Answer: Halden Prison in Norway

Regarded as THE WORLDS MOST HUMANE PRISON, Halden Prison in Norway where the experience and focus here is on rehabilitation and growth.

The country of Norway has a prison system that houses approximately three thousand offenders. Norway’s prison system is renowned as one of the most effective and humane in the world, as the country does not sentence capital punishment or life imprisonment.


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Prisoners have a healthy existence in mind and body, however, are unable to leave. After all, this is punishment, and you are in prison.

Rough Life

In understanding the transition process, the prison works with government agencies to secure employment and a stable environment for an offender to go home to, before they even leave.

An offender is trained, taught skills, and given counsel, in order to (seamlessly) reintegrate back into society. All a major contributing force in the reduction of recidivism.

The setting purposely mimics life and reality outside prison walls, rather than inside for the mental impact it plays.

I have not been to Halden, nor do I care to attend, however from what I have read and the pics I’ve seen, I am jealous it looks better than my home.

Educate yourself on your situation, because nobody will do it for you. Stay well and out of trouble.

The Educated Felon